For some people, a closet is their favorite place to step into while others see it as chaotic and stressful. If you fall into the latter category, I will help you rethink the way you view your closet, so you can actually enjoy the process of getting dressed in the morning! I will perform a deep dive of your closet and create different looks with existing pieces, recommend what to toss out, as well as suggest new pieces to incorporate that will complement your current wardrobe. 

What this includes:
  • A phone or in-person consultation to  learn  about  your  lifestyle and wardrobe goals
  • A Closet Edit session with me where I will assess your current wardrobe and share styling tips & tricks to create new looks using items you already own
  • A personalized lookbook that includes the items from your current wardrobe

Have you ever wanted a shopping buddy to help pick out clothes that are flattering and reflect your individual style? This package was made for you then! Through our consultation and unique exercises, we'll work together to discover your new sense of style and make the process of putting dozens of amazing looks absolutely seamless for you! 

What this includes:
  • A phone or in-person  consultation  to  learn  about  your  lifestyle and wardrobe goals
  • A Closet Edit session with me where I will assess your current wardrobe and share styling tips & tricks to create new looks using items you already own
  • A 3- hour shopping experience with me in central Los Angeles
  • A personalized lookbook that includes current items from your closet, as well as newly purchased pieces

If you live outside of Los Angeles, this package will provide you with the same perks of working with me without having to meet in person. With the help of the internet (aka FaceTime or Skype), we will evaluate what you currently have in your closet, discover your personal style and put together some amazing looks that will make getting ready in the morning effortless and enjoyable.

What this includes:
  • A virtual consultation to learn about your lifestyle and wardrobe goals
  • A Closet Edit session with me (via Skype or FaceTime) where I will assess your current wardrobe and share styling tips & tricks to create new looks using items you already own
  • A curated list of clothes, shoes, and accessories to shop for online 
  • A Virtual Styling session with me (via Skype or FaceTime)
  • A personalized lookbook that includes current items from your closet, as well as newly purchased pieces

Are you not a fan of shopping, or do you easily get overwhelmed in the mall? This package is the perfect fit for you as I will handle all the shopping and will organize a fitting together at a private studio for you to try on all the hand selected options tailored to your style & body type. All returns are also handled by me, so you don't have to do any of the dirty work!

What this includes:
  • A phone or in-person consultation to learn about your lifestyle and wardrobe goals
  • A Closet Edit session with me where I will assess your current wardrobe and share styling tips & tricks to create new looks using items you already own
  • I will personally shop for you and hand select pieces for you to try on at a private studio
  • 2-hour fitting at a private studio 
  • A personalized lookbook that includes items from your current wardrobe as well as new purchased pieces